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You can order the SKILLSHIRTZ via our partner Sport Böckmann.

Just follow the ORDER HERE button.

You can order the SKILLSHIRTZ via our partner Sport Böckmann.

Just follow the ORDER HERE button.


SKILLSHIRTZ are a new multi-functional training tool that can be used to activate a variety of cognitive training stimuli. Speed of action is improved through a wide variety of exercises and games in different sports. The SKILLSHIRTZ can be used in competitive as well as  school sports.



SKILLSHIRTZ® are available in junior and adult sizes. A SKILLSHIRTZ® set always consists of 12 SKILLSHIRTZ®. The SKILLSHIRTZ can be used singularly in individual training. In addition, several SKILLSHIRTZ® can be combined in (small) group training.



SKILLSHIRTZ exercises offer different possibilities and a variety of signalling alternatives. Listed below are some of the versions.



SKILLSHIRTZ Trainingsformen.jpg



For me as a coach, it's simply outstanding that I don't have to announce anything, I don't have to intervene in the game myself. The shirts take care of some of the matters on their own, this way I can concentrate on other things.

Timo Schultz
Chef Coach U19 FC St. Pauli 

The training with the SKILLSHIRTZ was fun because it was very diverse. Due to the permanent orientation necessity and the pressure to make quick decisions it was very intensive. Because of the many variations, I used both feet and worked on my two-footedness.

 David Philipp
SV Werder Bremen / DFB U Nationalplayer
 Florian Graudegus
Koordinator Academy
Hamburger SV

"The Skillshirtz are a great tool to increase the variability of different training forms. In addition to simple technical tasks, these in particular include small game forms that are intended to improve the process chain of action speed. By provoking the changing players, who are marked in different colors, one finally arrives at a shortened process of perception, decision and action without inevitably missing a direction of play. All of this, without major organizational effort and connected with the incentive of letting your own creativity flow freely regarding the structure of the exercise or play form. Within our training principles the Skillshirtz can be integrated therefore very well and will be used from now on again and again."