The idea

The SKILLSHIRTZ® are multicolored training bibs and are protected by trademarks and designs. They are color divided and each one has a different color on the left and right half of the bib. This division allows the development of direct as well as indirect color signals, and its use as motion or action commands for a cognitive training process.


The SKILLSHIRTZ® can be used as training equipment in various sports.


Practice with the SKILLSHIRTZ® controls cognitive training processes and links movement with tasks in the areas of perception, orientation, anticipation, reaction and thus influences the speed of action.


The SKILLSHIRTZ® can be used singularly with athletes in individual training as well as in a team and within training groups with several athletes.


A complete set of SKILLSHIRTZ® consists of a total of 12 differently colored training bibs and can be integrated into almost all age groups.

Als Trainingsequipment können die SKILLSHIRTZ® in verschiedenen Sportarten und sportartenübergreifend eingesetzt werden. Das Training mit den SKILLSHIRTZ® steuert kognitive Trainingsprozesse an und verknüpft Bewegung mit Aufgaben aus den Bereichen Wahrnehmen, Orientieren, Antizipieren, Reagieren und beeinflusst so die Handlungsschnelligkeit. Dabei können die SKILLSHIRTZ® sowohl mit Athleten isoliert im Einzeltraining als auch im Mannschaftsverbund und innerhalb Trainingsgruppen mit mehreren Sporttreibenden eingesetzt werden. Ein vollständiger Satz SKILLSHIRTZ® besteht aus insgesamt 12 farblich unterschiedlichen Trainingsleibchen und kann in nahezu allen Altersstufen in das Training integriert werden.

Practice with SKILLSHIRTZ® is founded on a basic training concept. On the basis of this underlying training concept, countless training options and exercises can be developed independently. 


The multifunctional training process can be described as a complex movement theory. The added value results from the fact that the visual and cognitive requirements are combined with sports-specific and competition-related movements. Thus the mental requirements are not isolated, but trained in direct relation to the sport and the sport specific movements or competition requirements.

Der multifunktionelle Trainingsprozess kann als komplexe Bewegungslehre bezeichnet werden. Der Mehrwert entsteht dadurch, dass die visuellen und kognitiven Anforderungen mit sportartenspezifischen und wettkampfnahen Bewegungen verknüpft werden. Somit werden die mentalen Anforderungen nicht isoliert, sondern im direkten Bezug zur Sportart und den sportartspezifischen Bewegungen oder Wettkampfanforderungen trainiert.

SKILLSHIRTZ® help athletes and coaches as an alternative training form and additional exercise tool, and can also be independently applied outside the realm of competitive sports, for young or old people to develop, improve or maintain cognitive processes.

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The training concept is based on a specific combination of individual SKILLSHIRTZ® in connection with the four colors RED, GREEN, BLUE and YELLOW.

When the colors were being selected, attention was paid to single syllables and compatibility with existing training materials, such as cones.

A complete set of SKILLSHIRTZ® consists of a total of 12 marking shirts. Within this set each color combination is included only once and is unique.

Each SKILLSHIRTZ® comes with a mirrored twin. With regard to training, this combination offers a wide range of possibilities for signaling and movement requests.

SKILLSHIRTZ® can be used to create countless movement exercises or games.  

SKILLSHIRTZ® can be used for different ages and performance levels.

SKILLSHIRTZ EBOOK (10.05.2019) Loic II (

The training concept essentially includes the composition of the 12 SKILLSHIRTZ®.

Based on this set, different training sequences can be generated.

Basically, an athlete or player is asked to understand various coaching signals in relation to the colors of his own SKILLSHIRTZ®, in order to correctly implement the action and exercises based on the signal.

In training with the SKILLSHIRTZ® the signals RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, LEFT or RIGHT are primarily used. These signals, in combination with colored cones, colored play zones or specific requests for motion can mean a wide variety of activities.